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Any international, national or multinational corporation is incomplete with a proper security system provider, consequently in this emerging field, Securitas has established itself as one of the leading security providers to various companies around the globe. To further provide convenience to various employers and their employees, Securitas has developed an online payroll system by the name of Securitas ePay.

Securitas ePay system can be accessed at www.securitasepay.com and provides access to various employees around the world to their paystub data at one single portal. This service has proven beneficial not just for employees but a large amount of the paper workload that Human Resource departments of all companies have to bare has also been reduced by the launch of Securitas ePay System.

Get your Payroll Information via Phone Call

Securitas ePay System also has the service of providing paystub data to registered employees through a phone call. This service can be availed throughout the day and was introduced to ease up the general citizens who rely on phone calls to get their day to day tasks done. Once you dial the Securitas phone service, the online operator will guide you to press a series of button to access your paystub data, request a fax for your information or to change your security key. However, before accessing any of the services you must enter your Social Security Number and Login ID.

Manage Direct Deposits

Through Securitas ePay system you can now make adjustments directly to your deposit account and to your payable amounts. To avail this service, you must login at Securitas ePay website, hop on to the option of ‘direct deposit maintenance’ in the menu and follow the prompts to manage your direct deposits.

4 thoughts on “www.SecuritasePay.com – The best online payroll system

  • Your system will not allow me to access my pay stubs without interference from google ads wanting me to download a PDF converter which I already downloaded. This is really inconvenient and very frustrating.

  • I have been working with you for about two months, I still can’t get access to my pay-stubs. I thank this is not fair. I have to have access to my records as soon as possible.

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